Monday, November 26, 2012

Sun. Night

Sunday Night Boredom!!!!

Benson has been dying to go for walks and I always say NO. It's too cold. (I'm just a whimp) So Sunday he asked me again....this time it was dark and he wanted to wear the head lamps so he could see. I said.... Go Ask Dad!!!! And off they went.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


i need help....i want to change my blog background and i just can't figure out how. HELP! p.s. look down, there are two new post's.

Green, Yellow and Gold

John Deer...What can you say more!

Benson was given the chance to go and ride in a Tractor! His Favorite thing is John Deer Tractors. The pictures can't tell you how excited he was. He was in Heaven. This kid would live outside all day if I let him. Doesn't farming just look so fun!!

"No workin"

The other night I was getting Benson ready for bed. (we are sort of in the middle of potty training!) I took him to the bathroom before he got his pj's on. He decided to do it him self - go to the bathroom - so I just stood to make sure pee didn't fly all over the walls or floor! He stands on the stool, starts to make a pushing sound..... and says....... "no workin" "pee pee no workin"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed! And then told him that your pee pee works but you must not need to go!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

after one year......

After a whole year of our cute little rugrat crawling everywhere she finally makes it onto the walls in our home!!!

Here are our favorite pictures. Be prepared....there are lots and we look good!!!!
(Thanks to my sister for doing such a good job)

(Like I said there are lots and maybe doubles...i'm posting this among cleaning my house and am in a hurry!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Agent Oso

For those who have cartoons know who "Special Agent Oso" is. It is a cute cartoon. Just before we got rid of our cable we saw and episode where he made these pine cone - peanut butter - bird feeders. So I figured today was a day for getting dirty! Sometimes Benson isn't so fond of this!!

The pictures when in a funny order but you will get the idea. Max asked Benson where he wanted to hang them and so he showed him and for the last one he said "HIGH" and that is where dad when!! Up high!

it's on my finger!
p.s. this is Special Agent Oso